Nexlesoft Fintech Event

Jan 01, 1970 - Jan 01, 1970

Shanghai, China

This year’s Meeting’s theme was “Enjoy a healthier life with Taiwan medical services”, and highlighted the medical expertise of the elite community of practitioners in the country. Taiwan’s medical industry has been ranked as third in the world, consistently recognized as being among industry leaders in terms of Innovation Capability, Global Competitiveness, Enterprise Support, and Entrepreneurship.

During the event, Taiwanese companies took the stage to share their experience and research on the topics of Taiwan healthcare and medical services, as well as medical technologies related to cancer Treatment and genetic testing.

Participating in the event were doctors from 6 prestigious hospitals of Taiwan, namely MacKay Memorial Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital, Lee Women’s Hospital, Royal 101 International Health Co.,Ltd, Taiwan Nobel Eye and Aesthetic Medical Group, and the National Taiwan University Hospital. There were also four featured health companies: Biotegy Corporation Ltd., Lite-Med Inc., ACT Genomics Co. Ltd. and, Healthcare Industry Development Association across the Strait all of whom presented their latest products and services.

Training Materials

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